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Registered under Indian Societies Act 21 of 1860 Registration. No. : 1599/07-08
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Welcome to Noore-E-Falah
"NOOR-E-FALAH" is humanitarian focal Non-Government organisation dedicated to develop the lowest rung of society on socio-Economic Ladder, and having the ambition to improve quality of life of people by Rational Application of Oriental Yogic techniques, healthy life Style and naturopathy and helping hand to the widows and children who children who are deprived of love & care, Books, and Teachers, food, shelter.
Report of the society named “Noor-E-Falah” for the year 2011-2012. The aim, physical target, financial achievement, future planning etc. Are as follow:
The executive committee has considered various project under consideration and decided to contract the various District State, National and international Departments and Agencies to fund for programms. There is not change in constitute of executive committee during the year under review.
The society has convinced in meeting of the executive committee during the financial year made successful, drive for the welfare of the poor, weaker, needy section including women and child. It has conducted many successful activities for the purpose for providing them technically efficient, improving their living structure and to empowering them to utilize the new opportunities. The society is committed towards achieving economic and social empowerment of different caste, creed and faith.
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