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Registered under Indian Societies Act 21 of 1860 Registration. No. : 1599/07-08
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Free Educations
The organisation conducted in Gaya District of Bihar state. Education especially for boy &girls is an important agent of socialization, and instrument of social transformation, and a channel of social mobility and equity. Education of boy & girls has to be a universal movement for their empowerment, for changing current stereo-typed and replacing the existing structures.
Within an overall orientation toward boy & girls' education, Oou organisation is running "SAHAJ SIKSHA" programme being one of the parts of overall strategy of universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE).SAHAJ SIKSHA programme is an alternatively path to children who for different reasons cannot attend primary school e.g. boy & girls who have to look after their younger siblings and attend to other dome tonic chores, working children etc.
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