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Registered under Indian Societies Act 21 of 1860 Registration. No. : 1599/07-08
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Pollution Control
The organisation conducted in Gaya District of Bihar state. present scenario India faced the challenge of increasing population explosion. The greatest failure since independence has been our inability to prevent exponential increase in population. With the present alarming growth of population, it is unrealistic to expect the state of nation to improve, poverty to be alleviated and unemployment to be contained. With over one billion population, it is indeed a disturbing thought that we have over 300 million people who live below the poverty line and go hungry line and go hungry to bed every night. The state of deprivation for such a large chunk of population could not have gone further .India has more than 400 million uneducated people, with mounting problems of unemployment, lack of shelter, poverty and malnutrition. This situation in the ultimate analysis is likely to result in a revolt against the person system. It is strategic of Family Planning Programme in India ;India is the first country of the world that accepted and implement Family Planning Programme in 1952 and failure to control population growth. According to society here in the wrong way of Government policies. society believed the necessity of community involvement for fight these factors. The role of voluntary organisation in a mass movement such as population control is critical for generation of momentum and accelerating the pace of progress. There is need to incorporate family planning as a major objective of all voluntary organisations concerned with health and /or education related activities.
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