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Registered under Indian Societies Act 21 of 1860 Registration. No. : 1599/07-08
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Pulse Polio (SNID)
The organidation conducted to in Gaya District of Bihar State. Our society is decided to under taken the pulse polio programme for survival of children in various village in the district of Gaya pulse polio is dangerous disease that disabled any one in the lack of first aid. Our society is working in this field for removal of it along with their core-hearted social services. The expert, experience and social workers conduct the awareness campaign in the rural and urban areas. Our society organize nukkad natak, raily, Mata samiti Unit Meeting, Panchayati Raj institution and ward commissioners meeting, making in musk through muslim religious leaders, wall writing, banners ,hording and distribution of humblest in Gaya Urban and Kochadham blocks pulse polio seminars in different areas. Our society tried to removals of negligence about it.
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